Intriguing facts about purple tea

Intriguing facts about purple tea


Purple tea is a variety of tea found in the Mt Kenya region. After years of research by the Kenya Tea Development Authority, this variety of tea was found to grow successfully in the rich volcanic mountain soils.

The tea has a beautiful purple colour and it is touted as the next big thing in skin care.

A Japanese company found that the extracts of the purple tea provide the following five benefits –

  1. Good digestion and fast metabolism leading to weight loss.
  2. Anti-ageing benefits
  3. Helps even out the skin tone
  4. Oxygenation of the skin due to presence of free radical scavengers
  5. Useful as a hair and scalp tonic to aid in hair loss prevention

How to drink purple tea

Unlike green tea, purple tea is quite palatable. It is simple to prepare by deeping the tea leaves in hot water for a few minutes.

Lemon and honey may be added if desired. It works best if drank on an empty stomach twice per day. Two cups per day are sufficient to attain the correct dose.

Results are visible after two weeks of use. Within a month, the whole body tends to feel healthy, less tired and looks better.

How to make a beauty treatment using purple tea

Make a strong brew of the tea and add some lemon juice. Place in a small bottle and refrigerate. Use this liquid daily to tone your skin after cleansing.

This mixture may also be added to a banana mask and used for 15 minutes before the routine cleansing of the face.


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