Kenya is the best destination for exotic lovers

Kenya is the best destination for exotic lovers


Many of us have heard about Kenya only in school history and geography lessons: this East African country once gave rise to human civilization, here is the second largest mountain in Africa, Kenya, and the world's largest population of pink flamingos. But the amazing facts about Kenya don't end there.

Land of contrasts


Some Kenyans live in tribes even in the 21st century, while others, in search of a better life, receive higher education and conquer big cities. Someone still lives in the slums, while others managed to buy an apartment in a prestigious area of ​​the capital. Some people have never heard the word “vacuum cleaner”, while others drive their own car.


Once in Kenya, you can enjoy your vacation on the well-groomed beaches with white sand, or you can go on a safari deep into the wild forests. Here you may not find potatoes in the store, but try turtle stew.


It is here that you can make all your most incredible dreams come true! When you wake up at the Giraffe Manor, do not forget to say hello to giraffes - they are frequent guests of this establishment. And if you want to watch wild animals at arm's length, go to the Kovcheg Hotel. You can meet the African sunrise from the nest. Yes, you heard right. Anyone can admire the natural beauty of Kenya in a room at the Bird's Nest.

Lovers of ecotourism and colorful landscapes are recommended to go to Tsavo National Park. You can hug a baby elephant in Amboseli Park, and watch the wildebeest migrate in the Masai Mara Nature Reserve. And at Lake Nakuro you can meet the world's largest population of pink flamingos. If you like extreme sports - take a look at the national park located on the slopes of Mount Kenya.


You can admire incredible coral reefs on the beaches of Malindi. Become Indiana Jones for a day and explore the ruins of ancient Gedi. And if you want to get to know more about the culture of the Swahili tribe, go to Lamu Island. And don't forget during your trip to learn to smile as broadly and sincerely as the Kenyans!


Kenya is an amazing country that attracts tourists from all over the world with its color. 

Having been here once, you will not be able to forget the vivid impressions of the trip, and you will return to Kenya many times!


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