What have you not known about Kenyan Tea yet?

What have you not known about Kenyan Tea yet?


A few unusual facts about Kenyan tea that you didn't know about: 

1) Kenyans prefer to drink "strings" - a strong drink made from black tea (the leaves are poured with cold water and infused for 4 to 12 hours) or "tangauisi" - black tea with the addition of grated ginger root;

2) Kenyans usually prepare tea in large pots to have enough for a large family; 

3) Black tea with milk is very popular among local residents; 

4) Tea trees grow at an altitude of 1200 to 2700 meters above sea level in high mountain regions; 

5) Kenyan tea is not susceptible to attack by pests, therefore it is not treated with pesticides;

6) In Kenya, tea is collected entirely by hand, picking only tips (bud) and flash (upper young leaves); 

7) An hour and a half after harvesting, tea leaves are already sent for processing - factories are located nearby most plantations (so as not to waste time on the delivery of raw materials and preserve all the useful properties of tea);

8) Along the great rift valley, about 600 thousand farms are engaged in tea cultivation;    

9) Kenyans collect and export over 400 tons of tea a year;                                                           

10) In Kenya, there is a Tea Research Institute, which is engaged in breeding new varieties of tea and improving existing ones;  

11) Supervise the operation of farms by the Kenya Tea Directorate and the Tea Development Agency KTDA;

12) There are 50 varieties of Kenyan tea in total;  

13) Scientists are testing some varieties of tea, for example, purple, as a drug in therapy against autoimmune and other diseases;

14) African tea is used for baking (tea cake turns out to be very tasty!);

15) Kenyan tea has a lot of useful substances that have a beneficial effect on the body and heal it.

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