Drink tea and lose weight — with a benefit for your health

Drink tea and lose weight — with a benefit for your health


According to a research published by  European Journal of Epidemiology in 2015, drinking three cups of tea per day helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 27%, heart disease mortality rate by 26% and general mortality rate by 24%. Antioxidants contained in the tea protect us against diabetes, liver and heart diseases, reduce the risk of cancer and remove toxins from our bodies.

Modern nutritionists increasingly recommend to integrate tea into weight loss promoting nutrition system. Tea delicately affects our body and has a positively influence on metabolic processes, which is important when dieting.

Try different versions of a tea-based diet: a 3-day detox diet, a fasting day, or a long weight loss course.

3-day detox based on black tea

You need to drink 1.5 litres of black tea per day, combining it with protein food, steamed or boiled, fruit, vegetables and dairy products. Eat small meals 5 times a day. Keep an eye on your daily caloric intake, it should not exceed an average of 1500 kcal. Black tea will speed up your metabolism, create a satiety feeling and help to remove toxins. You can lose up to 3 kg of weight.

Fasting day or express detox

You can have fasting days 1 to 2 times a week. On such days, drink only black or green tea. Tea contains a lot of protein and you will feel full. Tea will give you a sense of vivacity and will drain the excess liquid from your body. You can add milk to your tea, if doing without food is difficult for you. As a result, you can lose 1 to 2 kg due to  withdrawal of excess liquid.

Long weight loss course

If you decided to seriously approach the weight losing issue and undergo a full diet course designed for 30 days, combining healthy nutrition with aerobic exercise, such as, for example, running, tea will be very useful for you. Your daily diet should include about 1.5 liters of tea, protein foods, vegetables, fruit, nuts and dried fruit, dairy products. Try to refrain from sugar and salt at this time, use honey and natural seasonings instead.

Good news if you are exercising during a diet: tea perfectly tones up and charges with energy, which is scientifically proven. Stimulating the nervous system, tea increases your body endurance. If you run in order to lose weight, you will feel less tired if you drink a cup of tea half an hour before you start exercising, and caffeine will help you burn more calories. No wonder that Kenyan marathon runners are the fastest in the world! Daily consumption of black tea is a mandatory element of their professional diet. The athletes drink tea with milk, for example, such tea will help you regain your body's strength your after the training. This tea is very easy to prepare:

Ingredients (per 500 ml teapot):

⦁          Black lose leaf Kenyan tea, 1 teaspoon

⦁          200 ml milk

⦁          100 ml water

⦁          3 teaspoons honey

⦁          Spices: cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, red pepper.

Pour milk and water into a small saucepan, and heat them up without boiling. Pour the hot milk into the teapot. In a separate container, pour the tea with hot water. Let it brew for five minutes. Pour the tea into the milk. Add a pinch of each spice. Put in honey, mix. Let the drink infuse for 3-4 minutes. Serve hot.

The general rules of brewing tea to be consumed during a diet are as follows: do not brew tea for more than 5 minutes, as this time is enough for it to emit its useful components. Longer brewing time may result in an excess of caffeine in your drink. It is important to drink tea no later than 15-20 minutes after brewing, while it keeps its useful substances.

When choosing a tea for your diet, use lose leaf tea, rather than tea bags, to know its sort and composition precisely and to be sure of its quality. When choosing black tea, you can pay attention to tea from Kenya. Black Kenyan tea is considered to be the most environmentally friendly, it grows high in the mountains, and is cultivated with no use of pesticides. Also, Kenyan tea is mainly produced at small private plantations and harvested by hand, which makes it taste special. If you prefer green tea, you can pay attention to Chinese or Japanese tea. For example, the Chinese Oolongs — Tieguanyin, milk Oolong, Gaba and many other varieties have a very rich taste; if you brew them right, you can use one brew 3 to 5 times and get new shades of taste each time. 

A tea-based diet is really efficient, healthy and tasty.  Let tea help you lose weight, gain yourself a slim figure and excellent health!

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