Instead of a thousand drugs

Instead of a thousand drugs


Tea has long been used as a medicine. In the 17th century, the Portuguese and British began to import tea to Europe, and then a culture of drinking the drink appeared not for medicinal purposes, but for pleasure.

Home medicine

Today, the use of tea as a medicine is again in vogue. Because tea is a safe and effective alternative to many artificial drugs and supplements, and also a delicious prevention of most diseases. For tea to be beneficial, you need to drink it properly. Each variety has its own characteristics and contraindications.

Green tea is used to prevent cancer, strengthen the cardiovascular system and improve memory/concentration. White and yellow tea stimulate immunity and reduce inflammation in the body. Black tea reduces blood sugar and lowers insulin levels, removes heavy metals and toxins, accelerates metabolism. Purple tea fights free radicals, strengthens the body and slows down aging.


Even a simple drink such as tea should not be consumed in unlimited quantities. For some diseases, there are restrictions and even contraindications.

Hypertensive patients and people suffering from atherosclerosis should not drink a strong infusion of green tea and black tea. Those who suffer from insomnia are not advised to consume tea in the evening and at night (even one cup of tea can provoke an attack). People suffering from GI diseases should also limit the use of any type of tea (a drink can stimulate the release of gastric acid in excess amounts).

Cold and tightly brewed tea is not recommended for use by those who have colds (worsens sputum outflow). In addition, drinking hot tea at a high temperature. It is also not recommended to drink drugs with tea, this can affect the properties of drugs, for example, worsen their bioavailability in the body.

Pregnant women are not forbidden to drink tea (if there are no medical contraindications). But due to the large amount of caffeine, women in the position are not advised to drink more than 1-2 cups of drink per day. Preference should be given to varieties that do not contain thein - roybush, white and yellow tea (they contain a small amount of caffeine).

How to enhance the beneficial properties of tea?

Spices, fragrant herbs and other additives help to reveal the taste of the drink and improve the properties of tea. Ginger, anise, cloves, black and other types of pepper can be used to prepare an antiprotective and immunity-enhancing drink. Mint, thyme, rosemary, sage, lemongrass and other fragrant herbs are well combined with unfermented and poorly fermented tea varieties (for example, with white Kenyan tea, yellow and green).

Kenyans believe that the simpler the drink, the better. Therefore, local residents prefer to drink strong black tea "strings" or add ginger root to the drink (such tea is called "tangauisi"). You can drink tea as Kenyan, or brew according to your own recipe, add fruits, herbs, spices or milk.

Tea is not just a warming and delicious drink. One cup of tea contains half the Mendeleev table and brings a lot of benefits. Kenyan tea is considered the record holder for the content of useful substances, as it is grown without the use of pesticides in unique climatic conditions.

Drink tea and be healthy!

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