Kenya announced growth in production and export of tea


Agriculture and Food Authority-Tea Directorate of Kenya reported a growth in production and export of tea for the period of January-August 2018. Kenya, one of the leading countries in tea production, increased total production by 14.5% compared to 2017 (265.2 thousand tons last year), and archived an indicator of 303.7 thousand tons. The total amount of world tea export grew by 9% and constituted 311.6 thousand tons (285.4 thousand tons in 2017).

According to report of representatives of Agriculture and Food Authority-Tea Directorate, increase in production was caused by favorable weather conditions and long rainfall in areas of tea cultivation in the West and the East of the Great Rift Valley, in particular in Nyamir, Kisiya, Muranga, Nyeri and Kirinyaga. In the west region of Valley 204.2 thousand tons of raw materials was produced, while production in east part equals 99.4 thousand tons.

Production of large tea plantations equaled 134.1 thousand tons, that is 11.6% more comparing to the same period of 2017 (120.2 thousand tons). Small farms also showed increase in production. For the period of January-August 2018 production equaled 169.5 thousand tons of tea, that it is 17% more than for the same period of 2017 (144.9 thousand tons).

According to Agriculture and Food Authority-Tea Directorate, in 2017 more than 440 thousand tons of tea were produced in the country, export amounted to about 92%. 

Main export directions for Kenya are Pakistan (113 thousand tons of tea), Egypt (44.9 thousand tons) and Great Britain (31.1 thousand tons). Tea export growth is noted in the United Arab Emirates and Russia which ranks among five of the largest consumers of Kenyan tea. Shipment of raw materials to the United Arab Emirates showed 28% increase and equaled 23.3 thousand tons. Pakistan (113 thousand tons of tea).

For January-August, 2018 Kenya shipped to Russia 13.5 thousand tons of tea, that is 18% more, than for the same period of last year (11.4 thousand tons). In 2017 Kenya delivered more than 16 thousand tons of tea to Russia.

"Russia is strategically important market for us. We will use the best efforts to strengthen the Kenyan presence in Russia and to set up mutually beneficial cooperation with the Russian partners," stated a representative of Agriculture and Food Authority-Tea Directorate of Kenya during his recent visit to Moscow.

According to the NeoAnalytics research for 2017, about 95% of residents of Russia are tea consumers. The Russian consumers prefer black long leaf packaged tea. The most known brands of Kenyan tea in Russia are Greenfield Kenyan Sunrise, Princessa Nouri. Kenijskij, Richard Royal Kenya, May. Chernij Brilliant, Maitre KENIKA and Maitrede Kenya.

Specific nature of Kenyan tea is archived by pesticides-free methods of cultivation. More than 90% of Kenyan tea is gathered manually. Unique climate of high-mountain plantations made tea from Kenya environmentally-safe with strong flavorful taste and distinctive aroma.

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