Inspiring Kenya photo exhibition and tasting of Kenyan tea in the center of Moscow


Grayling communications agency held an "Inspirational Kenya" photo exhibition for the Agriculture and Food Authority, Tea Directorate of Kenya. As part of the exhibition, the organizers staged a tasting of Kenyan tea from the leading Russian brands.

The "Inspiring Kenya" photo exhibition is another bright and memorable event held by Grayling for the Agriculture and Food Authority, Tea Directorate of Kenya. The purpose of the photo exhibition was to inform Muscovites about the culture and traditions of Kenya, as well as a closer acquaintance with Kenyan tea in a tasting format. During the tea party, everyone was given the opportunity to try cookies with Kenyan predictions, as well as get detailed information about Kenyan tea.

The guests of the photo exhibition appreciated the works presented in it. Photos were taken in a native way, yheir authors being representatives of the Russian media, as well as bloggers who visited tea plantations and other sights of Kenya as part of a press tour organized by Grayling.

Since May 2018, Grayling has been a strategic partner of the Agriculture and Food Authority, Tea Directorate of Kenya. The main goal of the contract is to implement a communication strategy to promote and popularize Kenyan tea in Russia, positioning tea as an integral element of Russian culture, as well as a multifunctional beverage in demand in the modern world.

The key objectives of the strategy were to increase the interest of the target audience to the tea theme and develop a culture of tea consumption in Russia, as well as informing the public about Kenyan tea, positioning Kenya as the world's largest exporter of environmentally friendly high quality tea and developing partnerships with representatives of the Russian tea business.

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